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FireStar Combustion Controller

What does the FireStar Combustion Controller do?

The FireStar Combustion Controller optimises the gasification process which results in burning up to 60% less wood than with traditional methods. The controller also has E-Link technology which allows you to connect your outdoor boiler to the internet where you can monitor it from anywhere in the world. It will even send you a text message if you run out of wood.

The FireStar Combustion Controller monitors all functions of the boiler and optimises the gasification process automatically.

Working much like a car’s engine control unit (ECU), the FireStar optimises boiler performance by using sensors to decide how to control and independently adjust the primary and/or secondary air. By adding the right amount of air in the right place at the right time, the controller is able to optimise the gasification process to achieve the cleanest and most efficient burn possible.

The FireStar Combustion Controller is loaded with features designed to make operating your Central Boiler outdoor boiler easier and more convenient than ever before. If you want to learn how FireStar works on a Classic Edge Titanium HDX outdoor wood boiler, be sure to check out the video.

FireStar Combustion Controller Benefits

  • Built-in wireless connectivity – no ethernet cables needed.
  • Monitor your outdoor boiler on your phone – connect to your boiler from anywhere.
  • View your boiler’s status and performance on your phone or on any device connected to the internet.
  • Receive text or emails from your boiler.
  • Complimentary FireStar subscription for a limited time.


Watch a live demo at MyFireStar.com/demo or click the image above.

Setting Up Your FireStar is Quick and Easy

It’s easy to stay connected to your outdoor boiler. The FireStar includes integrated Wi-Fi, so you won’t have to run cables from the boiler to your house. Here are the basic steps you’ll need to take:*

  • Connect to your Wi-Fi network (a step-by-step guide is provided in the Owner’s Manual and is also available at the Online Support Center)
  • Create an online account with your boiler serial number at MyFireStar.com

*There are a few basic things you’ll need: internet access, a wireless router and a data plan. You also need to make sure your boiler has the FireStar controller with integrated Wi-Fi and software version 6.6 or higher. New Central Boiler outdoor boiler feature this controller as standard.